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Q & A


How does hydrotherapy work?

Because your dog will be exercising without weight bearing they can work their joints without the damage caused by walking. Swimming also develops the muscles, strengthens the heart and respiratory system and improves general fitness.

What results can I expect to see?

After the first session your dog maybe a bit tired but over a period of time you will notice increased muscle tone, suppleness and fitness.

Will my dog be safe?

Absolutely your dog will never be left in the pool unattended, or without a life jacket on. They cannot hurt themselves.

Is hydrotherapy only for old and sick dogs?

No, dogs of all ages, sizes and levels of fitness can swim. It  is a great form of exercise for all breeds.

My dog is overweight, can swimming help with weight loss?

Yes swimming can help dogs loose weight, because it works every muscle in the body and is low impact on the joints it will help with weight loss, along with a controlled diet.

Soggy Doggy Hydro thoughts

Our main goal is to be a fun, clean and safe environment for dogs to swim and get fit. Whether you want to bring you dog along to splash around in the water for fun or you want hydrotherapy for you dog with a medical condition we cater for them all.