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Super Ted


Super Ted

Well Hellooooo Ladies, I am Super Ted or Little Ted. I am sure you have heard about me I am real hit with the ladies I have over a million followers on instawoof. 

My Mumager brings me swimming to try to tire me out, she says I have too much energy. I does chase the cyclists but I only wants a lift I could cover more of the park. I help keep the Park safe the head ranger gave me that job. 

I tend to bring one or two of my lady friends wimming with me, who doesn't like a group swim with friends. I love my Aunty Rachel even if she makes me work hard, she always makes sure I have my clothes on before I leave so I am always looking sharp and keeping warm. 

Bear's Story

Swimming a Bulldogs point of view

 Hi everyone my name is Bear, I am an old tyme bulldog who is a member of the soggy doggy hydrotherapy family and I have been for 2 years now I like to swim just for fun just because I can.  I know what you’re thinking oh he must be the towel boy because he is a bulldog… well you may be surprised to hear that I am one of the swimmers in the family and I love it I get so excited when I see mum has packed my swimming bag! I thought I would share what happens during my time swimming.  I make sure that I am a good boy so I get to go every week I get to see my aunty Rachel she is so nice to me.  My Aunty Rachel helps me into my life jacket (I wear it every time so my mum doesn’t freak out). My Aunty then make sure I walk up the ramp and enter the pool safely then I am in absolute heaven I get to swim around looking good while doing it of course and I get to save all the squeaky toys that my aunty keeps throwing into the water but fear not if squeaky toys aren’t your thing she has a selection of toys even tennis balls.  After Aunty Rachel tells me it’s time to get out which of course I do very reluctantly, it’s time to head out for a quick wee in the garden and then back in for a relaxing shower. Aunty Rachel shampoos me and I smell wonderful. A quick rough towel dry I ask Aunty to make sure she gets my ears dry too.  This is when I start to give my mum the puppy eyes when it’s time to book in again I promise her paw on heart I will be super good if I can come back next week gets her every time and I am in booked for my swim it’s my favourite day of the week. My mum told me in the summer I get to come twice a week because being a bulldog I do not like the heat let’s be honest do you want to walk in the hot weather? I get to swim which keeps me happy, I am exercising which keeps mum happy it’s a win win I say.  As you can tell bulldogs can swim and we look good doing it too.  Thanks for reading  Squish the Fish ….. oh yeah that’s what my friends call me.


Ferris Friday

German Shephard Exclusive Range

 Hi hi hi everyone my name is Ferris and I am a veryyyyyyy excited German Shephard in the exclusive black edition I am very special. A friend of mine asked me why I go swimming every Friday, what can I say mum tells me I have soooooo much energy if I didn’t she would have to spend all day walking me and I still wouldn’t be tired even if I got to chase all the tennis balls that mum could find. (shhhh don’t tell her but I have more hidden). Plus who doesn’t love an early morning swim to get you going in the morning, I am up early waiting to see my Aunty Rachel sometimes I have to remind mum that its swim Friday by running up and down the house, she tells me to be careful as my sister Bella is still sleeping. Oh yeah I have a sister called Bella sometimes I let her come swimming too but mostly I enjoy the time to play and splash around and Bella doesn’t like it when I splash her and she complains to mum.  I am sure you have seen how famous my Olympic diving is so you can just tell how good a swimmer I am.  After swimming my Aunty Rachel gives me a nice  shower and of course I must leave the squeaky toys I have played with for next weeks swim.  Well its nearly Friday so I better get ready for Ferris Friday. Best wishes to all..